Best Sex Positions for G Spot

Many women struggle to achieve orgasm because they don’t practice sex positions for G spot stimulation. Stimulation of the G spot is the key to intense female orgasm. The best sex positions for stimulating the G spot are the ones that allow a woman to control her movement. Experienced cheap escorts enjoy greater sensual satisfaction because they know these positions and how to practice them. With these positions, a woman can easily determine her most enjoyable stimulation. Here are the best sex positions for G spot stimulation.


To have sex in this position, ask your partner to lie down on his back. Get on top of him and straddle him. That way, you enjoy total control over depth, angle, and rhythm of penetration. Your focus therefore will be on locating your G spot.

Instead of moving up and down, try a back and forth movement with a focus on stimulating your G spot against the inner walls of the vagina. Nevertheless, mixing these movements can also help. Keep experimenting with different angles and speeds until you orgasm.

Closed Missionary Sex Position

If you have ever had sex with an experienced woman, you know that the classic missionary sex position has many variations. With this position, a woman enjoys greater stimulation even without deeper penetration. Lie down on your back to take on a missionary position. Move legs together once your partner penetrates the vagina. Your partner should straddle your legs with his to ensure a tighter squeeze. The shallow penetration experienced with this sex position may not hit deeper the way other positions do. However, it leads to a tighter feeling. It also increases friction against the G spot. This is a great way to achieve an orgasm.

Doggy Style

This sex position provides the deeper penetration that is yearned for by many men and women. When having sex in doggy style, varying the penetration angle is easy. This makes hitting the G spot from different directions easy.

Get on your knees and hands as your partner penetrates your vagina from behind. Try to lean down on the forearms or push hips backwards to alter the penetration angle until you are in the right position. You may also try variations like lying on your stomach while hanging legs off the bed’s edge with your partner standing and penetrating you from behind.

These are some of the best sex positions for G spot that you can try with your partner or an cheap escorts. Experiment with them until you find what works best for you.